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Vitamix TNC5200 Blender Brushed Steel

Colour: Brushed Stainless Steel
Country of Manufacture: United States
Our Price:

To call the Vitamix TNC5200 Nutrition Centre a blender would be to do this product a great injustice, because it is truly so much more than that. The Vitamix is a stove, a freezer, a blender, a mixer, a juicer, a grinder and so much more. Housing a sensational 1200W motor, this product is capable of reaching speeds of up to 386km an hour - so fast that it is able to cook vegetables or scramble eggs by virtue of the heat these blades produce alone. There's no internal heating element like in other Hot and Cold Blenders. The Vitamix cooks on the speed of its motor. Besides crushing, grinding, juicing and dicing, the Vitamix can boil water. It can cook soup! All you need to do is add the vegetables and a bit of hot water and let this machine do the work. This provides for an incredible powerful machine. So powerful in fact, that it can even do the opposite - it can freeze! It is powerful enough to make smoothies or even ice cream, the speed of the blades being able to crush the ice without melting it and recirculating the cold so that your blended ingredients will refreeze to make homemade ice creams. It is truly a machine that is capable of everything.

The Vitamix works by having an adjustable speed dial, and a flip switch that lets you rotate between the standard and the 'turbo' mode. Whilst standard is great for crushing nuts or ice, mixing liquids or eggs or any lighter work, the turbo function will let you cook or freeze or perform any form of witchcraft to your heart's desire. This product also comes with a recipe book, an instruction book, a recipe and instructional DVD and a food tamper to compress it. Just like in 1921, it is still made in the USA, and it has a 7 year warranty for domestic use, but we'd expect it to last you at least 20 years. The beaker is 2litres in size, and made of BPA free polycarbonate. It's light, durable, completely transparent but best of all absolutely unbreakable, meaning you'll never have to replace it if you drop it. The silicone lid is dishwasher safe as well, but even more impressively, this blender is self-cleaning. When you finish using it, all you have to do is fill it with a bit of hot water and detergent and turn it on, and it will completely sanitise the entire inside of the blender. Available in an elegant brushed stainless steel body, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and the best 'blender' money can buy.

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    Vitamix TNC5200 Blender Brushed Steel

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